As-Built Surveys can be a single survey to produce a final detailed as-built drawing. For more complex construction projects, dedicated as-built surveys can be carried out regularly to keep track of changes made throughout the construction of a project. This is especially useful in creating the final as-built drawings.

An as-built survey is used to create as-built drawings. Sometimes known as red-line drawings and record drawings, ENG-CAD Utilities draw on years of experience carrying out surveys and producing as-built drawings for clients across a broad range of sectors. Contact us on 01493 600400 or Email: enquiries@eng-cad.com

As-builts drawings are documents that allow comparison between the designed and final specifications, giving a detailed blueprint of the construction project/building and the land around it as actually constructed in the end.

Final as-built drawings include all or any of the following, as well as every other change made during the construction phase of the project:

  • Design changes
  • Field changes
  • Modifications
  • Extra works

Utilities Sector Experience

  • Water
  • Gas
  • Electric

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