Utilities PED Marking to Module H/H1

PED Marking to Module H / H1

A core service of ENG-CAD Group is process & piping design and fabrication. We have successfully completed a number of pressure equipment projects to PED.

PED is the European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU. Pressure equipment with an operating pressure greater than 0.5 bar falls under the scope of the Directive and therefore CE marking is required by law. This includes equipment such as piping, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, (steam) boilers, etc. If pressure equipment meets the requirements of PED, CE marking may be applied and the equipment.

European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (PED CE)

We offer a range of PED design, fabrication, certification and inspection services:

  • Process & Piping Design to module H / H1
  • Pipework Fabrication to module H / H1
  • Full module H & H1 accreditation
  • PED Design Assessments (PED modules H / H1)
  • Inspections (PED modules H / H1)
  • Verification of quality systems (PED modules H / H1)
  • Material assessment (particular Material Appraisals / Manufacturers Material Certification)
  • PED welder qualifications
  • Approval of welding procedures
  • Equipment Categorization
  • Witness / Authorization of Factory Acceptance Testing and installation.

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