Pipe Spool Replacement

Client Case Study: ENG-CAD have produced a number of complex pipe spool replacements, involving detailed dimensional surveys, design, fabrication and when required, PED approval and pipe stress calculations.

FPSO Turret & Gantry Project

Client Case Study: ENG-CAD were responsible for the conceptual and detailed design of all of the Process and Utility pipework starting from the riser terminations on the geo-stationary side, terminating at the main pipe rack tie-ins situated on the vessel main deck (rotating side).

Scrubber Vessel Replacement

Client Case Study: A dimensional control survey was carried out at one of the Bacton Gas Terminals of an existing scrubber vessel, including a full report and fabrication drawings.

Wellhead Support Structure (WSS)

Client Case Study: ENG-CAD were given the responsibility of designing the gas lift facility for oil production wells, closed drain system with vessel and pump, PIG launcher and full firewater deluge and hydrant system.

Water Treatment Modules (QUAD 204)

Client Case Study: ENG-CAD’s involvements with this project were 5 different Water Treatment Packages, structural design and analysis was carried out on all of the packages, along with a full pipe stress analysis. Detailed fabrication drawings were also produced.