Inde Field Decommissioning

Client Case Study: The Inde Field Decommissioning project utilised ENG-CAD’s Engineering, Structural Design and Surveying services.

CPT Frames

Client Case Study: ENG-CAD have designed and detailed a range of CPT seabed frames/units for sub-sea surveys, services provided, included full detailed fabrication drawing and engineering calculations.

Racking Board

Client Case Study: ENG-CAD’s scope of work was to provide a dimensional survey of the existing mast & racking board, followed by structural design calculations & fabrication drawings for the new racking board.


Client Case Study: The project requirement was to design a steel grillage to support the Ampelmann A-04 offshore access system on board a specially modified vessel.

Water Treatment Modules (QUAD 204)

Client Case Study: ENG-CAD’s involvements with this project were 5 different Water Treatment Packages, structural design and analysis was carried out on all of the packages, along with a full pipe stress analysis. Detailed fabrication drawings were also produced.