ENG-CAD RENEWABLES Laser Scanning Surveys (3D Surveys)

ENG-CAD RENEWABLES in-house team of experienced surveyors carry out 3D Laser Surveys Worldwide. Our knowledge and experience of 3D Laser Scanning make us a natural first choice for clients requiring renewables project surveying completed right first time, every time.

Our comprehensive 3D Surveys service provides a number of benefits:

  • Eliminates re-working & costly over-runs.
  • Allows for Risk Mitigation Planning (the process of developing options and actions to enhance opportunities and reduce threats to project objectives).
  • Helps future maintenance & operations.
  • Allows for last minute design changes from the comfort of your office.
  • Uses point cloud for clash detection.
  • Adds a layer of quality control combining dimensional control with scanned data.
  • No requirement to purchase expensive software to view the survey results.

Renewable Energy Sector Experience

  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Biomass
  • Hydro
  • Marine
  • Wave

Our 3D Laser Scanning Equipment

Leica Total Station
Typically we use Leica Total Station to measure the control targets to within sub millimetre accuracy which enables us to register (piece together) the point clouds (raw data) from the scanners more accurately.

We do not substitute the precision dimensions required for fabricating replacement pipe spools or vessels. Instead the results are combined together with the scanned data for improved accuracy. Total stations are still the preferred choice for flange angles and bolt hole rotation calculations. The scanners for clash detection and an overview of the entire area surveyed for added quality assurance.

Faro Scene
FARO SCENE software is a comprehensive 3D point cloud processing and managing software tool for the professional user. It is specially designed to allow viewing, administration, and working with extensive 3D scan data obtained from high resolution 3D laser scanners like the FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D.

FARO SCENE processes and manages scanned data easily and highly efficiently through a wide range of functions and tools, such as filtering, automatic object recognition, scan registration and positioning, as well as automatic scan colorization.

Once FARO SCENE has prepared the scan data, you can commence evaluation and further processing right away. For this, it offers functions from simple measuring to 3D visualization, through to meshing and exporting your scan data into various point cloud and CAD formats. With SCENE WebShare, your scan projects can now be published on the Internet, and viewed with a standard Internet browser. Click here to see an example

Bentley Pointtools
Bentley Pointools is a user-friendly stand-alone pre-processing product that extends the value of point clouds. It enables the fast preparation of point clouds for distribution and reuse. Bentley Pointools will make point-cloud-centric workflows more productive by providing users with:

High Performance Engine
Bentley Pointools’ high-performance point-cloud engine with level-of-detail management provides a fluid user experience, even with very large datasets.

Convenient Conversion
The re-use of the Pointools POD file format across the Bentley product portfolio eliminates the need for time-consuming data conversion, streamlining project workflows. This reduces data corruption risks and the time related to data conversion.

Confident Point-cloud Differencing and Clash Detection
The identification and interpretation of differences between point clouds and clashes is made easier with Bentley Pointools. This new functionality increases users’ productivity and confidence in identifying both changes and clashes.

Fast Editing
The fast level-of-detail layer-based editing enables the quick editing and segmentation of data. This reduces the time that operators take to segment the point-cloud data.

Improved Visual Quality
Bentley Pointools’ motion blur and anti-aliasing produces higher-quality final output with little or no aliasing or moiré and with minimal effort or training. This improves the quality of deliverables that is achieved.

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