Pipe Spool Replacement

As a result of close working relationships with many fabricators within our region, quite a large aspect of the dimensional control survey team’s workload involves new or replacement pipe spools. This could be to just simply provide a dimensional control report of pre and post-weld dimensions for the client.

ore often than not though, a much larger responsibility is placed upon us where the engineering team would take care of the design, fabrication, dimensional control and installation of the pipe spools. Typically, in this instance, an offshore survey of an existing pipeline would be conducted, full fabrication isometrics would be produced, an appropriate fabrication and installation contractor would be appointed and dimensional control would be applied during and on completion of this fabrication works. ENG-CAD would also carry out any additional design criteria such as piping calculations and PED approval, making this type of project a ‘Turn-Key Solution’.

ENG-CAD Engineering Services Brochure

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