ONEcal Decommissioning Project

ENG-CAD was consulted for the ONEcal decommissioning project in the Dutch Sector, incorporating Engineering Services and Offshore Surveys, to identify a schedule and scope of works to support the required de-manning and reduction of the facilities.

A seconded ENG-CAD Team undertook the following activities:

  • Carry out offshore surveys to determine the full extent of removals.
  • Liaise with other disciplines to determine extent of structural support required for removal of existing equipment.
  • Provide information and to assist the preparation of preliminary drawings/sketches showing the extent of structural removals.
  • Provide information and to assist the preparation of outline removal procedures for removal of existing equipment where required.
  • Provide information and to assist with establishing the extent of structural decommissioning/removals of existing structures and removal procedures for existing equipment if appropriate.
  • Identify lay-down areas for removed items and/or storage/scrap material containments.
  • Identify enabling pre-works required to each platforms infra-structure/systems and for temporary fitments to undertake offshore works.

This approach allowed the offshore man-hours to be minimised and a detailed CTR library to be compiled for full trace-ability and accountability for the completed works, in line with client requirements.

ENG-CAD Engineering Services Brochure

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