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 ENG-CAD NUCLEAR are experienced and well-respected fabricators of modular process Skid Packages for the nuclear sector. We welcome an opportunity to discuss your skid package requirements and how we can work with you.

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What is a Modular Process Skid Package?

A modular process skid package describes a traditional process contained in a frame and mounted on a skid. A project may contain multiple skid packages that are fabricated and stored in multiple locations and brought together at a later phase.

What are the Benefits of Using Modular Process Skid Packages?

The benefits are not limited to time and money.

Faster Completion of the Project

Projects are completed significantly quicker because the preparation of the project facilities and fabrication of the various process systems and skid packages can take place simultaneously.

Time & Cost Savings

The time and cost savings are made in many forms:

  • Faster to build in modules due to reduced labour and material costs.
  • Less interruptive to existing operations as the building of the skid packages is completed off-site.
  • Completing the fabrication indoors eliminates delays due to weather.
  • Transporting the skid is less expensive.
  • The process system is delivered to the facility fully assembled and tested.

Higher Quality Fabrication and Increased Security

Often the fabrication of the process system is completed indoors resulting in a higher quality. Security of unique processes is improved when fabrication takes place indoors.

Reduced Facility Safety Issues

When your facility staff starts with a fully assembled and tested process system the safety risks are significantly reduced.

Compact Space Requirements

Being modular, skid packages can include layered components that result in a much smaller footprint.

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