ENG-CAD Measured Building Surveys

Samples of typical drawings produced

Basic Floor Plan – Single Line Drawing

1-Basic Floor Plan

Accurate 2D Floor Plan – Showing all the dimensions required.

2-Accurate 2D Floor Plan

Accurate 3D Floor Plan – Showing additional dimensions required.

3-Accurate 3D Floor Plan

Furniture Layout Plan – Includes fixed radiators and heaters if required

4-Furniture Layout

Reflected Ceiling Plans (RCP) – Showing all equipment attached to the ceiling.

5-Reflected Ceiling Plan

Electrical Layout Plan – Light switches, sockets and data sockets

6-Electrical Layout

Fire Equipment Plan – Emergency lighting, fire extinguishers and more if required

7-Fire Equipment Layout

Fire Escape Plans – All fire fighting equipment locations and escape routes with muster Points

10-Fire Escape Routes

Landlord Lease Plans – Accurate surveys undertaken showing rentable areas.

11-Leasehold Plans

Open Plan Example – 1 room

8-Open Plan

Non-Open Plan Example – 5 room’s same overall area.

9-Not Open Plan

Traditional Architectural Style Floor Plans

Traditional Architectural Elevations