Utilities Engineering Experience

With a wide ranging experience base for supplying Project Management, Design and Survey Services to an impressive port-folio of public utility clients, ENG-CAD Limited are proud to be considered as the “Go-To” Design Consultancy for many major utilities in the fields of water, gas and electricity supply as well as within the transport sector covering airports and both over-ground and under-ground railway networks.

With the ability to offer multi discipline turnkey solutions in combination with our many construction and civil partners, we have been able to restrict commercial and technical risk by incorporating transparent and innovative design optimisation techniques to fully compliment our clients targets and commitments whilst maintaining a determined stance on sustainable and environmental issues and standards.

We are proud to be members of the Achilles UVDB (Utility Vendor Database) organisation and relish the opportunity to propose high quality cost efficient solutions to respond to any utility enquiry.

ENG-CAD Engineering Services Brochure