Renewable Energy Engineering Experience

ENG-CAD Ltd are ideally positioned to supply experienced engineering design and project management support services to any enterprise planning or undertaking wind farm energy development within the UK sector.

A number of our engineers and designers were involved in the design and construction of the “Scroby Sands” wind energy generation facility off the East Anglia coast at Great Yarmouth and are keen to utilise the experiences gained throughout that project, in the development of
new fields and facilities elsewhere in the UK.

We are also actively involved with a group developing a working test and demonstration wind energy facility on the East Coast, which is intended to allow UK manufacturers the opportunity to demonstrate their products in an operational environment and enable the accurate and controlled collation of test data.

ENG-CAD Ltd are also supplying practical engineering design and development support to companies investigating and developing wave energy solutions and solar driven renewable energy projects not only for the domestic market but also for large scale commercial energy enhancement and conservation projects for companies such as the British Sugar Corporation at their processing plants across the UK Eastern region.

ENG-CAD Engineering Services Brochure