Floating Production Engineering Experience

ENG-CAD’s team of engineers, designers, and surveyors have experience on a number of Floating Production Installations, clients for this work include London Marine Consultants, Cyclotech and Sigma Offshore.Major projects include:

Complete piping design for process and utilities, for Lewek EMAS internal turret FPSO offshore Vietnam.

For this project we made the complete piping design from the riser hang off to interface with topsides piping on the turret gantry pipe rack, including all swivel stack assembly interfaces, the swivel being provided by Bluewater and detailing of all pigging facilities on the turret turntable decks.

Deliverables included all piping general arrangement drawings, piping isometrics and pipe support details.

Turret was configured for two Chim Sao field production risers, with water injection, gas lift, gas export and umbilical. All piping was fabricated, installed and tested at Keppel, Benoi Yard, Singapore.

Future provision was made for expansion of the turret for the Dua field sub-sea development for which we have recently completed the piping design on behalf of LMC.

Similar scope completed for Saipem Aquila external column turret FPSO, with the turret configured for 3 production risers, 3 gas lift risers and 3 electro/hydraulic umbilicals.

Piping was fabricated, installed an tested in Dry Docks World, Dubai. Piping design for M3nergy FSO external cantilever FPSO with single riser and pigging facilities.

Piping design and pipe stress analysis for the Hess, Kamelia gas FPSO external column turret on behalf of LMC.

We have also recently completed the pipe stress analysis and piping deign for a number of process modules that will be installed on the BP Quad 204 FPSO.

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ENG-CAD Floating Production Case Studies:

FPSO Turret & Gantry Project

FPSO Turret & Gantry Project

Client Case Study: ENG-CAD were responsible for the conceptual and detailed design of all of the Process and Utility pipework starting from the riser terminations on the geo-stationary side, terminating at the main pipe rack tie-ins situated on the vessel main deck (rotating side).

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Water Treatment Modules (QUAD 204)

Water Treatment Modules (QUAD 204)

Client Case Study: ENG-CAD’s involvements with this project were 5 different Water Treatment Packages, structural design and analysis was carried out on all of the packages, along with a full pipe stress analysis. Detailed fabrication drawings were also produced.

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