Decommissioning Experience

Since the beginning of 2009, the ENG-CAD team of engineers, designers, and surveyors have been working closely in conjunction with Shell as platform operator and A.F.Decom as primary decommissioning contractors, in the successful decommissioning and removal of the topside facilities for the INDE field platforms Juliet/Lima, Kilo, Mike & November in preparation for the final removal of the jackets during 2010 and 2011.
The level of works undertaken has ranged from offshore site surveys and the production of destruct drawings as required, the production of risk assessments and lift plans, the production of job cards incorporating full man-hour estimating and actively participating in progress, planning and safety review meetings with the end client.
More recently, we have been working directly with Shell (NAM) on the decommissioning works for ten platforms in the Dutch sector as part of the ONEcal upgrade project. The principle requirement for this project is to minimise the facilities across the ten platforms to substantially reduce the man-power requirements and to control and reduce both running and maintenance costs accordingly.
The works undertaken by our team (largely based in Holland for the project duration) has been the production of definition and scope analysis, the supply of detailed CTRs including updated drawings showing revised process man-hour limits and the supply of high level planning services incorporating full manpower requirements and analysis.

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