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Engineering, Technical and Construction Support Services

ENG-CAD’s extensive experience in these specialized domains underscores our dedication to delivering excellence and innovation in support of government and defines missions. Here’s an overview of our expertise and accomplishments in the Government/MOD industry:

Global Reach: Our impact extends globally. We can successfully complete projects in collaboration with governments and defence organizations worldwide. Our global presence allows us to adapt to diverse operational environments, international regulations, and security requirements.

Logistics and Support: We offer comprehensive logistics and support services to ensure the availability and readiness of defence equipment and assets. Our supply chain solutions optimize inventory management, maintenance, and spare parts distribution.

Regulatory Compliance: Navigating complex government regulations and security clearances is a fundamental aspect of our operations. Our experienced team ensures full compliance with government and defence regulations and standards.

Continuity of Operations: We prioritize the continuity of government and defence operations, offering disaster recovery planning, secure data storage, and business continuity solutions to ensure uninterrupted mission-critical functions.

International Collaboration: We foster international collaboration in defence and security through joint ventures, technology transfer, and collaborative research and development projects.

Our experience in the Government/MOD industry reflects our unwavering commitment to national security, public safety, and public service. As we continue to support government agencies and defence organizations in safeguarding their missions and objectives, ENG-CAD stands ready to partner with governments, MODs, and security agencies to meet the evolving challenges and demands of the modern world.

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Setting out survey in progress on a construction site.

Setting Out

Delivering high performance engineering solutions

Steelwork for an industrial facility.


Delivering high performance engineering solutions

Procurement in a warehouse with steel girders.


Delivering high performance engineering solutions

Industrial IRATA rope access technician

Rope Access

Delivering high performance engineering solutions

Technician is testing the welds of a pipe with ultrasonic test equipment

Pipe Stress

Delivering high performance engineering solutions

A 3D CAD model of an industrial facility.

3D Modelling

Delivering high performance engineering solutions

Architectural blueprint designs.


Delivering high performance engineering solutions

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