Inde Field Decommissioning

The Inde Field Decommissioning project was initiated by Shell UK once it had been decided that the asset was no longer a viable concern. The overall contract was awarded to the Norwegian company A.F. Decom who then actively sought for partners who would be able to assist in this major project.

ENG-CAD’s role in the project included a team of engineers, designers and surveyors, who worked closely with Shell UK and A.F. Decom, to provide a service that would enable the successful and safe decommissioning and removal of the topside facilities of Inde Juliet, Lima, Kilo, Mike and November, in preparation of the removal of the platform jacket structures.

The team were directly involved in the offshore site surveys, production of destruct drawings and calculations, risk assessments, lifting plans, job cards incorporating full man-hour estimating and actively participated in progress, planning and safety review meetings with all of the parties concerned.

ENG-CAD Engineering Services Brochure

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