ENG-CAD provide Independent Procedure Review

ENG-CAD was approached by North Sea Oil and Gas Operator, to provide a third party review of procedures for an upcoming work scope.

A Safety / Process Engineer was provided to work in the offices of the client, to undertake an independent review of the work completed prior to project mobilisation.

This involved a full and comprehensive review of two stages of work.

The first involved an infield line being vented then flushed, followed by depressurising a 3” methanol line. The second was to vent the pipeline back to the platform.

ENG-CAD supported the review, with the Operator being “very satisfied” with the service provided.

ENG-CAD Engineering Services Brochure

Resource Solutions Case Studies:

Resources deployed within 24 hours

Resources deployed within 24 hours

Client Case Study: A major offshore terminal operator required a CSWIP 3.2 Senior Welding Inspector and a team of 6G GTAW Welders. ENG-CAD’s Resource Solutions dept. had them mobilized in under 24 hours.

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