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A selection of modular skid package process systems

ENG-CAD DECOMMISSIONING Skid Package Fabrication

Skid packages are an excellent solution for modular expansion in the energy sector. Each skid is a process system contained within a frame (e.g. seawater filtration), and can be combined to create larger process systems or entire portable plants. Skid packages are compact, completely integrated pieces of equipment designed for ease of transport and modularity. They optimise the use of space within a plant and can be designed to fit specified dimensions.

We can supply a complete skid package design service which gives clients a range of options including the incorporation of design and manufacturing drawings, analytical calculations for vessels and piping systems, vessel fabrication, pneumatic and electrical systems, instrumentation and insulation, as well as guaranteeing testing and weather proofing.

ENG-CAD are experienced and well-respected manufacturers of modular process Skid Packages across a variety of industries. We welcome an opportunity to discuss your skid package requirements and how we can work with you.

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