3D Modelling

Visualizing three-dimensional objects, such as plant or factory models, or substantial pieces of machinery, can be challenging when relying solely on two-dimensional images or computer simulations. Industrial models provide a comprehensive solution. Whether you are engaging with builders, investors, customers, or city commissioners, industrial models offer a precise representation of your ideas and vision. With the advent of modern fabrication technologies, these models are now quicker to create, more cost-effective, exceptionally accurate, and boast an unprecedented level of detail.

Models featuring cutaway views, disassembling capabilities, interactive elements, movable components, and advanced lighting scenarios foster immediate engagement and leave a lasting impression. Whether these models are employed in sales processes, trade show exhibits, or approval procedures, their impact on achieving desired outcomes can be profound.

Key Features and Benefits of Industrial Models

  • Plant or factory models assist architects, contractors, and owners in envisioning the final build-out, leveraging natural elements, terrain, and scenic views.
  • Three-dimensional models enhance communication between architects, contractors, and owners, ensuring desired results while minimizing costly alterations during construction.
  • Plant and factory models can be simple monochrome massing or conceptual representations or intricate full-color, high-detail renditions.
  • Models can showcase external architectural elements or interior layouts and design. They may include removable roofs or cross-sections revealing the flow and perspectives within the building’s features.
  • Scaled-down models simplify product displays, eliminating costly setup challenges and transportation logistics to and from trade shows.
  • Enlarged models facilitate the presentation of small products that are typically challenging to view at their actual size.
  • Cutaway models provide insight into the internal workings of your product.
  • Regardless of the project’s size, we have the capability to bring your designs to life through physical models.

Large Equipment Models

Transporting and exhibiting large equipment or machinery at trade shows can be prohibitively expensive and cumbersome. Our solution involves creating miniaturized replicas that are easy to ship, set up, and convey the same visual impact as their full-scale counterparts. We employ various technologies to ensure the realism of these scaled-down models matches that of the original equipment.

Plant Floor Models

Our detailed plant floor models offer complete visualization of intricate details and size comparisons that are often challenging to discern in digital renderings. Whether for factory floor equipment layouts, oil and gas refineries, treatment plants, manufacturing facilities, or power stations, these Plant Floor Models provide invaluable clarity for planning new construction projects.

Machinery Models

We frequently produce scale models of industrial machinery and equipment, ranging from simple representations to highly detailed, lifelike replicas. These industrial models are typically showcased at trade shows and exhibitions, but some have been commissioned for display in boardrooms or reception areas, adding a touch of sophistication and innovation to your workspace.

ENG-CAD provides a full in-house 3D modelling / BIM service. Models can be produced from 3D point clouds or 2D drawings.
Our specialist surveying team can visit a site to deliver a complete service from the initial site survey through to a final 3D model.
We undertake 3D modelling of a wide variety of buildings, above and underground structures and utilities.
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